Pulsafeeder - Engineered products

Pulsafeeder - Engineered products

Pulsafeeder Engineered products are made to according to specific customer requirements.


Products include:

- hydraulic dosing pumps,

- external gear pumps,

- custom systems according to customer requirements.


For brands such as Pulse, Pulsar, ECO, Eclipse, Isochem and PeriFlo.

Most commonly used chemicals:

- sodium silicate (for the production of cellulose and paper),

- ethylene glycols (for the manufacture of plastics, textiles, latex paints, adhesives),

- ammonium nitrate, urea, phosphate and potassium (fertilizers),

- methanol (production of MTBE for oil refining and solvent production),

- hydrochloric acid (hundreds of uses including PVC and metal refining),

- sulfuric acid (pH reduction),

- sodium hydroxide (increase in pH),

- sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, bromine (in cooling towers),

- copper sulphate, ammonium sulphate,

- sodium aluminate, ferric chloride.

Technical informations

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