Pulsafeeder - Commercial products

Pulsafeeder - Commercial products

Pulsafeeder's products provide solutions for practically unlimited applications and markets.


Products include:

- electronic diaphragm dosing pumps,

- peristaltic dosing pumps,

- mechanical membrane pumps,

- microprocessor control devices for water treatment,

- pre-installed systems,

- accessories.

These include brands such as Pulsatron, Chem-Tech, Mec-O-Matic, MicroTrac, MicroVision and many others.


The use:

- in agriculture - injection of fertilizers, insecticides

- in the chemical and petrochemical industries

- in the food industry - breweries, distilleries, animal feed, winemaking

- mining

- mixing of fabies

- pharmaceutical industry

- pool and spa applications - chlorination, pH control and others

- paper industry - injection of bleach, coloring

- treatment waste water

Technical informations

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