EVOPLUS / EVOPLUS SAN (san-hygienic / drinking water) electronic circulation pumps for residential and commercial buildings.

The pump has a synchronous permanent magnet motor controlled by a frequency converter. The electronic circulator system monitors all changes to the hydraulic parameters of the heating system and automatically adjusts these changes to the pump performance so that the full functionality of the heating system is maintained with minimum energy demands for the transport of the heating medium.

All sizes of this series have flanges and can also be supplied in the TWIN version (one flange and two pumps, see catalog for download)

Medium: clean without mechanical impurities and mineral oils, non-viscous, chemically neutral, water with max. 30% glycol content (SAN version - pure water)

Use: heating, cooling

Technical informations

The product is in compliance with EU standards: EN 61800-3, EN60335-1, EN60335-2-51

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