CME / CM-GE / DCME / DCM-GE - 4 poles

CME / CM-GE / DCME / DCM-GE - 4 poles

Circulation pumps of 4-poles hot or cold water with in-line flanges suitable for installation directly into pipelines for civil and industrial heating or cooling. Especially versatile with the MCE / C, which offers power features that can automatically adapt to different system needs and maintain pressure.

They are available in the CME / CM-GE single, DCME / DCM-GE twin version, while the double version enables alternate pump operation when a backup unit or two pump pumps are needed at the same time.

MCE / C converters are designed for circulating pumps. They allow easy differential pressure adjustment and provide the ability to adjust the circulating pump performance according to current system requirements.

They are installed on the fan motor cover, the protection class is IP55. Control is easy with intuitive interface and display. The advantage is the use of energy that is indispensable to meet the needs of the user or the user. reduced power consumption compared to a fixed speed pump (without a transducer).

Medium: clean without mechanical impurities, non-viscous, non-aggressive, chemically neutral characteristic of water

Use: heating, cooling

Technical informations

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